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Style of 5’s display lofty info and you will goals; visions and perceptions unlike up against the real world

They may be unnervingly connected macabre items and you will dark, annoying, supernatural issue. 5’s are accountable for becoming high-installed and you will serious, together with nihilistic, pessimistic, and you will antagonistic when things inhibits its preparations and designs.

Hercules’ Hades try a product to have sort of 5. Since ruler of one’s underworld, of course he would become consumed that have otherworldly, morbid things. He or she is in addition to large-strung in regards to the their intentions to overthrow Zeus to have electricity with the Mount Olympus. He hinges on the newest Fates to create his decide to fruition unlike comprehending that Hercules do usually profit. They are in addition to nihilistic and you will pessimistic with regards to Meg talking undoubtedly on the Hercules. A top in order to 5’s Hades: he or she is devoted and you can groundbreaking.

cuatro Form of 6 – Gaston

Sorts of 6’s is highly-activated, sarcastic, and belligerent facing a challenge. It discriminate on individuals they think was “outsiders,” is disparaging and you can berating. Also, 6’s are responsible for being defensive, divisive, conspiratorial, and you can swell up anxiety in order to assuage their own. After they become individuals is actually against him or her, they lash out and now have a propensity to end up being unpredictable and criminal.

No-one defines a type 6 like Charm and Beast’s Gaston. He mocks and you can disparages this lady dad and also your framed getting being mentally sick, when he is truly simply an eccentric, interesting maker. When he seems you to Belle provides attitude getting Beast/Prince Adam, he arouses the competition which have conspiracies on Beast and you can drives him or her for the an anxiety-supported madness so you’re able to overrun the new castle and you will slay him. Gaston screams so you’re able to Belle one once the she isn’t using them, she’s up against her or him as an alternative. 6’s/Gaston is also, yet not, end up being preferred and you can persevering.

3 Type of eight – Urusula

Style of 7’s on Enneagram portray flamboyant and you can wise-cracking let you know-offs. They gesticulate and you can exaggerate storytelling inside their overall performance. 7’s might be notice-oriented, materialistic, and you may money grubbing; pushy and you can demanding. More over, 7’s will never have otherwise get enough in life, so that they make use of others.

The little Mermaid’s sinister ocean witch, Ursula, symbolizes an application 5 whenever she leaves to your a flashy, wise-cracking, annoying, and you may exaggerated inform you to possess Ariel in an attempt to bargain the woman sound. Given that she’s got overcome the brand new starting arts, she and additionally tricks Prince Eric into thinking she is actually the only whom saved your from specific dying in the sea; the benefit she’s in the sea isn’t really sufficient on her. These types of make Ursula selfish, smug, and sly. 7’s/Ursula, in a confident white, was lively and vivacious.

dos Method of 8 – Dr. Facilier

Type 8’s show boastfulness, try powerful, and you may request getting manager (and now have no qualms doing adversaries away from anybody), together with haughty and you may egocentric. 8’s can turn to help you illegal/crime and become depraved, dishonest scam-musicians and rehearse risks and you may intimidation.

Dr. Facilier from the Princess and the Frog highlights the 5 variety of as he includes regarding the “having family unit members on the other side” and you may to make huge pledges he cannot – or cannot wish – to save. He employers to and you may degrades Lawrence, in which he also prompts your so you can betray Prince Naveen. The latest Trace Boy partcipates in scam-artist activity and you may believes he could be wise adequate to pull off they. That makes sense, while the 8’s/Facilier imagine in a different way and ingenious.

step 1 Variety of nine – Problems and Panic

Sort of 9’s, at the the low, goes along to track down together and you will manage whatever they can to save the brand new tranquility. It sweep some thing according to the carpet and you can bury their brains in the fresh new mud. He or she is “sure males,” ineffectual, and you can have confidence in wishful thought to get out out of dilemmas.

The initial additional characters about this record, Problems and you may Worry do whichever Hades claims and you may cover-up the problems, on the own demise. It keep Hades direct chill and you will ineffectual at taking the job done due to their recklessness and you can fear of Hades. At the same time, 9’s/problems and you may Panic will likely be taking and you may reassuring.

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